The "PIEGO LIBRI" is here!

by Amerio Costumi
17 June 2021

New expedition dedicated to books.

News in the shipments, finally we have set the PIEGO LIBRI.

This is a shipment dedicated only to BOOKS, cheaper than shipping with the courier as it is neither traceable nor fast and is managed by POSTE ITALIANE.

The delivery is scheduled on ALL ITALIAN NATIONAL TERRITORY in 5 working days from Monday to Friday.

Payment is not possible on delivery with the PIEGO LIBRI.


The cost is:

- Up to 2kg: 1,40€ + 1,10€ Notice of receipt > 2,50 €

- 2 to 5 kg: 4,40€ + 1,10€ the notice of approval > 5,50 €